Twin Cities Model A Ford Club

Someone asked me: Why Should I be a member?

Since its beginning in 1960, many great people have been members of the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club. With our long history as an organized club the establishment of many friendships and the efforts of the great people who are all volunteers have helped this club now boast of a membership base of near the 250-member count. We have a large and active club with many opportunities to learn about our cars and to actively participate in tours and various clinics thru out the year. Well structured clinics for the purpose of learning and the social experiences of our annual pancake breakfast, tune up clinic, coffee socials, tours, nomination and election banquets bring many of our members together. This all happens due to the volunteers who are willing to work for you the members. We always need more willing people to take on an event, coffee social or teach us something at one of the clinics.  We always need new ideas, and active people willing to take over duties from those have gone before them. As a member, you need to help the new member with your knowledge of these cars just as the old members taught you. The resources built up over these years of over 75 special tools in the club tool loan program along with over 115 books and nearly 50 DVD’s/videos are an accomplishment that few other clubs will ever have. You get all these items to use at no cost for just being a member. When you come to a clinic or coffee social you always are greeted with refreshments and sometimes door prizes and of course the friends you know and the new members that will soon be your friends. This is all included in your yearly membership along with a monthly newsletter, membership roster and many generous donations from members of their homes for meetings and events as well as unique skills willingly shared. If you enjoy Model A’s and the friendships developed amongst Model A people this local club gives you a tremendous opportunity to participate in many ways.



By being a member of the club you have more than just access to the members and their many years of experience with the Model A, you also get access to the book and video library as well as a loaner tool program.

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