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Our website is seen by many people both in our club and around the country. We recently were contacted by a young boys mother who sent us this nice letter.

Hello, My name is Erica, I am from Portland, Oregon. My son Alex is really into cars and trucks. One of his teachers is starting the school year by having the students do a fun project to get them back in the school mindset. I thought this was such a cool idea, and I am helping Alex put together a project on automobile history. I've been helping him out with his research online, and we really enjoyed your page, . Alex is always looking online and learning more about different cars, and he showed me this article he found on the early history of the automobile, . I thought it was a great article, and I think it is great that he is taking something that he loves learning about and translating that into an educational pursuit. I was hoping you could add it to your page, I would
love to show Alex. I think he'd be really excited to have been able to contribute a fun and helpful article to your page.

Thanks again for the awesome page and help encouraging Alex's interest in automobiles!

Calling all members...  

Do you have a picture of your car? Send it to us so we can display it here. 

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Curt Fiedler or Doug Persing​​