Twin Cities Model A Ford Club

Wayzata Community Church is looking for Model A's to attend a car show on Wednesday 6/20 at 5:30pm

Wayzata Community Church

125 Wayzata Blvd

5:30pm - ?

​Contact Dave Peterson if you are interesting in attending.

​​Calling all members...  

Do you have a picture of your car? Send it to us so we can display it here. 

Please send us your photos so we can post them. 

Curt Fiedler or Doug Persing​​


Our Club’s Purpose

  • To serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts; to aid members in their efforts to restore and preserve the Model A Ford

  • To Unite in a central organization all persons interested in restoring and preserving the Model A Ford

  • To help those persons become acquainted and to encourage and maintain among then a spirit of good fellowship, sociability and fair play through sponsored activities including the use of the Model A Ford and Family participation.