If you have not signed up for the election banquet please do so soon. 

Do you have an event that you would like us to participate in?

We are always open to sharing the experience of the Model A with the community however in order to provide you with the best Model A experience we ask that you provide us 1-2 months to communicate your request with our members.Type your paragraph here.

​​Calling all members...  

Do you have a picture of your car? Send it to us so we can display it here. 

Please send us your photos so we can post them. 

Curt Fiedler or Doug Persing​​


Our Club’s Purpose

  • To serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts; to aid members in their efforts to restore and preserve the Model A Ford

  • To Unite in a central organization all persons interested in restoring and preserving the Model A Ford

  • To help those persons become acquainted and to encourage and maintain among then a spirit of good fellowship, sociability and fair play through sponsored activities including the use of the Model A Ford and Family participation. 

Twin Cities Model A Ford Club